Vita & Keogh’s – a defining carbon neutral partnership

Recently Keogh’s Farm and Crisps, in north County Dublin decided to offset their carbon footprint using Vita Green Impact Fund carbon credits.

Keogh’s are already involved in the Vita Potato Programme in Ethiopia and see this initiative as a natural extension of their support for the farmers of East Africa.

The carbon credits in this instance are generated by the fuel savings from improved cook stoves and clean water points, both of which are essential for the health and well being of these remote rural communities. Clean water does not need to be boiled, saving a lot of wood and the new stoves use 60% less wood, which also saves a lot of drudgery when these women collect the sticks.

Tom Keogh, CEO of Keogh’s farm and crisps, first visited Vita’s programme in Ethiopia in 2017.

“This initiative fits so well with our drive towards sustainability in Keogh’s while supporting our fellow farmers in Ethiopia.”

You can read more about this amazing partnership below.