Vita, the innovative Irish NGO fighting hunger and climate change in East Africa has just gone carbon neutral. This means that all of the CO2 emissions  generated by Vita through its work in Ireland and Africa are now offset through the purchase of voluntary carbon credits.

As individuals we can reduce our carbon footprint by making changes to our  lifestyles – shorter showers, using public transport, reducing waste, etc. Businesses can introduce new technologies and practices that can reduce their carbon footprint but with all we all have a residual carbon footprint we are responsible for and which is s contributor to climate change.

We can all offset our carbon footprint through the purchase of voluntary carbon credits.  A carbon credit is simply the saving of one tonne of CO2 emissions generated from a carbon saving project. For example, projects that provide fuel efficient cook stoves to households in Africa can save up to two tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. This is all measured and audited by independent accreditation agencies and become carbon credits that also have a very high social impact as well as a monetary value.

Vita joins a long list of responsible organisations (Toshiba, Bewleys, Google, Microsoft, Phillips, Hilton, Aviva, Sky, Fuji) that recognise that they have a commitment to act responsibility towards the planet by starting to offset their emissions.  However, we are the first Irish charity to fully offset it’s carbon footprint.

For more information on purchasing high impact carbon credits contact Vita (  or call (01) 8734303