Approach, Location & Projects


Vita’s service delivery model will be community–led. This community-led model is equitable and inclusive ensuring that no household is left behind. This is based on a methodology developed by Dr Kamal Kar, now used in over 64 countries.

When households are provided with access to sustainable water supply and sanitation as well as sustainable cooking and lighting, the wider communities will be awarded a certificate as a sustainable “Green Zone” and this model will be replicated in the Investment Programme.

The community-led model has advantages over government and commercial service delivery by providing affordable and inclusive energy and water which is made possible by the carbon finance. Additionally, communities often tend to begin manufacturing their own stoves, thereby generating substantial local revenue.


In Eritrea, Vita intends to invest in 18 projects:

  • 12 water projects
  • 6 cook stoves projects

In Ethiopia, Vita intends to invest in 14 projects:

  • 10 water projects
  • 4 cook stoves projects


In East and West Africa, Vita intends to invest in

  • 10 water projects through local partners



Vita intends to invest in 42 projects which will generate carbon credits. This would provide 200,000 people with fuel-efficient cook-stoves and a sustainable water supply through repairs to hand pumps. In addition, investment will be made into lighting and, as a result, up to 100,000 of those people receiving stoves and water will also get solar lamps