The Vita Partnership Model – a blueprint for a low carbon, high impact partnership in East Africa

Context – Why offset carbon and not just reduce your footprint?

The world is reaching its ecological limits, especially concerning carbon emissions. This requires immediate and decisive action from developed countries to build low-carbon economies and help to slow down climate change. In a post – Paris (COP 21) world it is almost universally accepted that mankind must reduce it’s carbon output in order to halt or reverse the impacts arising from climate change. While the emphasis rightly is and needs to continue to be on reducing emissions, this process is slow and costly for many western societies, and therefore a parallel work stream – a second leg of the stool – is required during the interim. Grown up, non-traditional approaches are called for in unprecedented times, where our environment is under threat and we are compelled to act. This is where carbon offsets come in.

  • Helps organisations establish and / or build up its climate credentials with internal / external stakeholders such as staff, customers, shareholders, regulators and legislators.
  • Raise awareness amongst all stakeholders of how simple, effective and relevant activities can contribute to a healthier planet.
  • Demonstrate how singular actions can have an impact – breaking down the abstract nature of climate change and translating it into real and applied actions that all stakeholders can own and engage with.
  • Use the partnership with Vita as a platform for highlighting your organisation’s stakeholders’ own footprint and how best to manage it.
  • Build support for a more global, less localised approach to CSR / good citizenship initiatives, particularly regarding climate change.
  • Demonstrate to stakeholders that your organisation is happy / willing / comfortable with taking responsibility for it’s carbon footprint.
  • Build awareness of Vita’s story, and the impact of climate change within African communities
  • Create an understanding and support for climate justice, ie compensating those who suffer most due to our excesses.
  • Demonstrate the exceptional value and added benefits of buying Vita’s carbon credits such as supporting poor rural families, impacts on health, livelihoods, etc.
  • Provide a gateway for potentially deepening the partnership with Vita to encompass project visits, capacity building using your organisation’s core skills and experiences.
  • Build a platform for meaningful and integrated staff engagement as partnership drivers


Our Carbon Offset partners include

Vita’s Carbon Offset Partners 2018